Win a trip around Europe with Famous Hostels

Win a trip around Europe with Famous Hostels

10 Jun 2017 News

Blog about Famous Hostels this Summer and win a trip this Autumn!


That’s right - if you’re a travel blogger or a backpacker who loves to blog, then give us some love this summer and you could have an all-paid for trip around Europe this October. 

This opportunity is open to anyone who loves to travel and loves to write! 

Europe’s Famous Hostels is offering the opportunity to win a free trip around Europe, including a free 1st class month pass with Interrail / Eurrail Global Pass, and free accommodation in the best hostels in Europe! This even includes pocket money so you can try cool stuff and enjoy the local scene! That’s a lot of drinks at our bar in happy hour! Bike hire, breakfast buffet, all kinds of cool things… 

Win a trip around Europe with Famous Hostels

Who can enter?

Anyone! If you’re travelling this summer then tag your posts about our hostels or traveling Europe, or cool backpacker stuff with #famoushostels (and create great content on why Famous Hostels are the best), then you could be picked to win the fantastic free trip this October - for a whole month.

You just want us to promote you as we travel?

Yes that’s right! If you’re traveling around Europe then give us some love and affection and you could win the best backpacker experience with us. You can travel and stay at the most unique hostels in Europe, all you need to do is spread the work about Famous Hostels and how amazing they are! We want people to know about the Famous Experience. 

Win a trip around Europe with Famous Hostels

Unique accommodation at Famous Hostels

Our hostels aren’t any hostels - they’re Famous. Famously good, famously, fun, famously unique. We have the most original and true backpacker hostels at the best locations in Europe. If you’re into travel and looking for the real backpacker experience, then Famous Hostels is for you.

What do I need to do to win?


The competition begins on 1st June 2017; and closes 15th August.

Writing needs to be in English and your language skills must be good.

The trip has to take place during the month of October 2017. Please see the Rules and Regulations that you must accept. 

Win a trip around Europe with Famous Hostels

During the contest period (15th June - 15th August) you will need to:

  • Tag us all over - we need to see some #famoushostels @famoushostels and posts please!
  • Create some web content mentioning us during the time period
  • Promote us on your blog, website and social media channels (the top three)
  • Develop some cool, creative content
  • If you make a video - we would love to see it (this is optional)

At the end of the contest, (before 17th August 2017), you will need to send us a little presentation to (maximum 5 slides/ sides) telling us:

  • Why you should win
  • The best blog or post you made that mentioned us
  • Show us that people engaged with your brand
  • Show us your creativity!

Win a trip around Europe with Famous Hostels

We will be looking for:

  • Great writing skills
  • Great connection with your audience (our target audience is mainly millennials looking to travel
  • Nice design
  • Good interaction and engagement with your audience

What happens to me if I win?

We will select the lucky winner and tell them by 25th August - don’t forget to check your mail because we will plan to announce it within 72 hours - if not, we will choose another winner. Please see the Rules and Regulations.

Win a trip around Europe with Famous Hostels

What is expected on my winning trip?

Shout about it - tell us how amazing it is and how much fun you’re having - we will be jealous! Keep writing about the hostels you stay in, your cool journey, keep posting about how great we are, and keep backpacking!

  • We will expect you to keep up your # & @ famous hostels promotion and point people to our website to book the best hostel experience
  • Post about each hostel/destination you go to (for a few days after each stay too and create a buzz at the end also), at least 900 words please
  • Share it all on your Facebook page and Instagram feed every couple of days and tweet about us.
  • Do one blog post about the Interrail/ Eurail experience
  • Final blog post about the whole amazing experience
  • Make a video of it! This is important to show the whole experience. 

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