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  • Copenhagen Fashion Week August 2018

    04 Aug 2018

    For all you fashion lovers it's Copenhagen Fashion Week this August and there are free events all over town! Don't miss out with our guide. 

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  • Copenhagen Pride Festival 2018

    03 Aug 2018

    Celebrate all things LGTB with Copenhagen Pride week, including concerts, workshops, debates and of course a huge colourful parade! Find out more about Pride here.

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  • Copenhagen Carpark Festival 2018

    26 Jul 2018

    Who doesn't love a music festival? Better still if it's underground! Check out Copenhagen Carpark Festival under Bispeengbuen in Frederiksberg.

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  • The History of the Danish Beer Carlsberg

    23 Jul 2018

    Probably the best lager in the world... and 170 years old! Find out about the origins of this popular Danish beer and the Carlsberg Experience Brewery here in Copenhagen!

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  • FIFA World Cup Final 2018 at Copenhagen Downtown

    13 Jul 2018

    The Semis are over and now it's time for the FIFA World Cup Final this Sunday! Watch football teams France and Croatia battle it out for the trophy at Copenhagen Downtown! 

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  • What to do in August in Copenhagen

    10 Jul 2018

    Enjoy your summer in this awesome city with Copenhagen Fashion Week, Friday Rocks, beach fun or daring adventure with the Red Bull Cliff Diving Challenge. Find out more! 

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  • Copenhagen Jazz Festival July 2018

    03 Jul 2018

    It's that time of year again when the whole of the city is filled with music, ready for Copenhagen Jazz Festival! This is the 40th year so it's going to be big! Find out more here...

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  • Meet our Open Mic Master introducing Morten

    29 Jun 2018

    Meet Morten, our resident live performing musical genius! If you've stayed at Copenhagen Downtown and seen the live music Open Mic on Tuesdays and Thursdays then you are guaranteed to have sung along to this guy's awesome live music set!

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  • Celebrate Sankt Hans Aften in Copenhagen

    19 Jun 2018

    Heard of Sankt Hans Aften? It's a big tradition for Midsummer Eve in Denmark and we're having a party to celebrate! Find out more about the celebrations here...

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  • Meet The Staff it's, Bar Manager Justas

    15 Jun 2018

    We have the most awesome staff at Copenhagen Downtown Hostel, so here's our behind the scenes look at who's pouring your drinks. If you've stayed with us you'll already have met, but here's some top tips from our amazing Bar Manager Justas!

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