What to do in Copenhagen this May

What to do in Copenhagen this May

01 May 2018 Copenhagen News

What to see and do in Copenhagen this May

Make the most of our favourite month with plenty of spring sunshine and music festivals! One of our best fests is taking place with Distortion at the end of the month, and there's plenty to get excited about before that too! Here's the round up of what to see and do in Copenhagen this May!

What to do in Copenhagen in May

Copenhagen Salsa Festival 
4th,5th,6th May

Get your hips moving for this saucy number - there are world-class shows, workshops with lessons for learners and those more experienced, and of course a whole load of parties! If you're a fan of this Latin dance (and the awesome costumes!) then don't miss out! You can find out about the events and get tickets here

Copenhagen Distortion Festival
May 30th - June 3rd

This is one of the most exciting festivals of the year in Copenhagen, and this year it's the 20th Anniversary so expect it to be especially big with some very exciting Danish and International acts! It's traditionally a street party where there are live music acts, concerts, shows, and general excitement. It's not all electronic music and there are some family friendly events so check the lineup. The parties move around each neighbourhood, so the party begins in Norrebro on the Wednesday then goes to Vesterbro for Thursday, then Distortion 0 Party at the weekend. Sunday is 'Hygge' - so expect to get some good comfort if you're feeling a bit fragile then!! 

You can get your tickets here

What to do in Copenhagen in May

Take a Canal Stroll

Copenhagen is an old viking harbour so we have plenty of historic and scenic walks along the waterfront. Enjoy the harbour and canals - or if you're feeling a little adventurous then you can hire a kayak! The famous harbour of Nyhavn is particularly pretty on a sunny day as the colourful houses look particularly vibrant, but Christianshavn also has a nice network of canals where you can sit back, relax and dangle your feet in the water. There are also plenty of boats to admire!

What to do in Copenhagen in May

Go for the Green Space

The city is in bloom in May and it's a great time to enjoy the peace of some of the parks and gardens (and cemeteries) and see the flowers on the trees.

Langelinie Park is a great place to wander with a view - here you can check out the famous Little Mermaid statue and see the view of the harbour. King's Garden is also popular with locals due to it's central location next to Rosenborg Castle. 

Bispebjerg Cemetery is known of it's cherry blossom and the gothic architecture at Grundtvig's Church. 

What to do in Copenhagen in May

Hit up Islands Brygge

Islands Brygge is one of the liveliest spots in Copenhagen in the Summer as it has the harbour bath (public swimming facility) and sunbathing spots and a barbecuing area. This popular public spot becomes very busy once the sun come out but it's a great place to do some people watching and soak up some rays. 

Wherever you go in Copenhagen during your visit, enjoy it! We hope you enjoyed our tips for Copenhagen in the sunshine.

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