The History of the Danish Beer Carlsberg

The History of the Danish Beer Carlsberg

23 Jul 2018 Copenhagen

Find out the Origins and History of the Danish Beer Carlsberg

Did you know that Carlsberg is 'Probably the best beer in the world' Well that's how the slogan goes, and we agree! Not only is it our favourite Happy Hour tipple here at the Copenhagen Downtown Hostel bar, Carlsberg is a historic beer to us Danes and it has 170 years of history! In Copenhagen you can even visit the original factory which is a heritage site where the first Carlsberg was brewed. 

170 years of Brewing Carlsberg Beer

Way back in 1847 J.C. Jacobsen founded the Carlsberg empire and since then Carlsberg has become a national icon for Denmark. The history of this Danish beer is a long one dating back 170 years. 

Mr Jacobsen was a very wealthy man as well, and it's thanks to his philanthropy and expansive art collection that the Ny Calsberg Glyptotek museum exists. Beginning by exporting just one barrel to Scotland back in 1847, by 1882 his son Carl Jacobsen had taken over and opened the new brewery, which is why there is the Ny (new) and Gamle (old). 


The History of the Danish Beer Carlsberg

Along with an 1875 laboratory to explore the possibilities of brewing beer, the Carlberg Foundation was set up in 1876 and still supports reserach in sciences and social sciences and humanities in Denmark. Since the 60s Carlsberg has been brewed also outside of Denmark and several other breweries were bought by the foundation - notably the famous Tuborg Brewery, and the rest is history! 

The old Carlsberg Brewery is open for tours and we recommend it for all beer lovers!!

The History of the Danish Beer Carlsberg

The Carlsberg Experience

Did you know that the largest collection of full beer bottles in the world is at the Carlsberg Experience? There are over 22,000 bottles there! You know where to head in a zombie apocalypse! They have beer tastings every day where the experts talk you through the history and you try 3 different beers. There are also Historical Tours to enjoy, where they tell you all about the history of the famous beer and the foundation. 

The Carlsberg 'Exbeerience' Route

The Carlsberg experience - or Exbeerience - is a self-guided tour around the brewery where you can find out all about the history and all the stories behind the Carlsberg beer and brewery. You get to smell all the ingredients and of course taste the famous beer itself!! There is also a sculpture garden and you can find the Little Mermaid's sister here - she was a gift to Copenhagen from JC Jacobsen's son Carl! 

The History of the Danish Beer Carlsberg

The Draught Horses

Carlberg is known in Denmark for its traditional seven draught horses that used to be a familiar sight in the streets as they carried the beer from the brewery. And - you can still visit the modern Carlsberg horses in the stables at the brewery! 

So now you know the history of Denmark's favourite beer! We hope you enjoy the Carlsberg Experience when you're visiting Copenhagen! Try one at our bar at Copenhagen Downtown Hostel! We have great deals at Happy Hour every day!