The Best Backpacking Experience with Famous Hostels

The Best Backpacking Experience with Famous Hostels

04 Oct 2018 Copenhagen News

The Best Hostels in Europe for a Genuine Backpacker Experience with Famous Hostels

Are you a Genuine Backpacker, looking for the Genuine Backpacker Experience? Ok - we have it covered for you.

Many years ago (when backpacking was done with Lonely Planet guidebooks and a paper map) there were some hostels in Europe that everyone knew about by word of mouth. These were THE places to stay, or you hadn't really been backpacking. Forget Tripadvisor and Hostelworld reviews - these places were the real deal. Stayed at The Flying Pig in Amsterdam? So then you know what we're talking about. Welcome to the Genuine Backpacker Experience - Europe's Famous Hostels. 


Why Famous Hostels are the Best Choice for Genuine Backpackers 

Photos courtesy of Europe’s Famous Hostels & Instagram 

Europe’s Famous Hostels

These hostels were the stuff dreams are made of - party, explore, discover, have the best time of your life, repeat. 

23 years later and they are still going strong: bigger and better than ever. These hostels are Famous Hostels for a variety of reasons - but the crucial one is: they offer something that no other hostel in that destination does: a unique genuine backpacker experience. And everyone is looking to get experienced, right?

Why Famous Hostels are the Best Choice for Genuine Backpackers

What makes a Famous Hostel?

Firstly Famous Hostels are selected to become members of this unique organisation in order to provide a network of the best places to stay for backpackers in Europe. The purpose it to provide guests with a unique and memorable stay - for all the right reasons!

Why Famous Hostels are the Best Choice for Genuine Backpackers


Famous Hostel member hostels are special. They are all unique, whether they’re a party hostel in an old palace in Madrid or beach front living in Rimini. Although they form a network of guaranteed great stays, they are all individual hostels in their own right. This way they provide a unique experience in each location, and that is the essence of Famous Hostels! A lot of hostels are in party destinations such as Barcelona, Zagreb, Lisbon, Berlin and Rome; but that doesn't mean that's all we're about. Our hostels offer cultural trips, tours, beach tips, boat trips, ski trips - you name it! Each hostel offers the best options for their location, whether that's buying fresh ingredients in a local market and cooking together, or canyoning through glacial waters. Explore and discover more! 

Why Famous Hostels are the Best Choice for Genuine Backpackers


Famous Hostels are also the best hostels. To be a member of this unique network they have to have the best ratings, the most central locations, be safe and clean, and have the best staff!! They provide great value for your stay and offer everything and more that you would expect from top rated hostels. Check out the reviews and you'll see why each hostel is a Famous Hostel. Our staff know the best ways to discover the city or destination and are happy to share with you, and we'll make you feel at home! 

Why Famous Hostels are the Best Choice for Genuine Backpackers


Want a roof top view over Athens with your happy hour beer? Want a hostel that’s floating on a river? Famous Hostels offer something different. Each hostel has a story to uncover and and adventure waiting to happen. 

There is also no booking fee when you book at - what more could you want?

Why Famous Hostels are the Best Choice for Genuine Backpackers

Which hostels are Famous?

There are over 40 hostels across Europe that make up the Famous Hostels network - see the full list here

Copenhagen Downtown is a proud member of Famous Hostels - stay with us for a Genuine Backpacker experience. 

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