Reasons to Love Copenhagen Downtown Hostel

Reasons to Love Copenhagen Downtown Hostel

14 Apr 2018 Copenhagen

Looking for reasons to love us here at Copenhagen Downtown? Here you go!

Not only is our award winning hostel the best in Copenhagen, we also throw some of the best parties in town in our bar and live music venue. An excellent place to meet local Danes and our international hostel crowd from all over the world – come and find out what´s going on at Copenhagen Downtown!!

We have so many things for you to do here in Copenhagen Downtown that you’re going to want to stay longer! Don’t worry - you can always come back and stay with us again – lots of our guests do!!!

All You Can Eat Breakfast

Maybe you partied all night in our bar, or your flight arrived late, or you´ve woken up bright and early to make the most of our glorious city. You´re probably super excited to be here – we understand! But you´re probably going to want to kick it all off with our amazing value buffet breakfast to set you up for a day of touring the streets and canals of Copenhagen.

We offer a selection of teas, coffee (of course), delicious juices and then a whole buffet of breakfast items to get you off to a great start in the morning. Love Danish pastries? We´ve got them! A long with muesli, cakes and pastries, cold cut meats and cheeses, fresh salad, Danish bread and fruit. Yum!  


Our delicious "All-you-can-eat" breakfast is served every day from 7am to 11am. and will only cost you 70 DKK (around 9 euros)!! If you´ve been to Copenhagen before then you will know that is very good value for local food. 

5 Reasons that Copenhagen Downtown is the Best Hostel in Denmark

Alternative Tours, Bike Tours and Walking Tours


Dying to explore Copenhagen? Let’s kick off with our tours. We´ve got a few to choose from! Walking tours, bike tours, alternative tours - you will find out the coolest facts about this city while seeing the hotspot tourist sights as well as some local secrets. Find out what Copenhagen is famous for, visit the most famous lady in town 😉, and explore our colourful historic streets and wide waterways. There are so many great ways to see the city, but as you will see, everyone here has a bike. If you want to really go local, then try one of our bike tours and get to go a bit further and explore some of the further away neighbourhoods! You will find all kinds of surprises.

Grand Walking Tour of Copenhagen

Take a 3 hours GRAND TOUR OF COPENHAGEN with COPENHAGEN DOWNTOWN HOSTEL and Explore The City - learn about the city's history, culture and much more!


Welcome to wonderful Copenhagen – the  populous city of Denmark! Our expert guide will tell you about Copenhagen's beautiful churches, castles, listed houses, as well as the modern side of the city. 


Take a look around:

- Highlights of the Grand Tour include:

- The City Hall,

- Christiansborg Palace,

- The old City Center,

- Nyhavn harbour,

- The Royal Opera,

- The Royal Palace of Amalienborg.


We will take you on our tour of Copenhagen every day at 11:45 To get more information, please ask reception at Copenhagen Downtown Hostel 

5 Reasons that Copenhagen Downtown is the Best Hostel in Denmark

Happy Hour at our hostel bar



Come and enjoy Happy Hour - Every day! That means every day is happy! Denmark is not the cheapest place in Europe to enjoy a beer, but our bar might be the cheapest place in Denmark during happy hour! And – you know – this might be one of the reasons the Danes are the happiest people in the world?


Enjoy the company of great people from around the world, fun times and lovely ambiance! You can get a great deal of beers and imaginative cocktails from 8pm to 9pm! The Best Hostel in Copenhagen invites you to discover THE BEST PRICES for beers and colourful drinks SEVEN DAYS A WEEK. Yes. The world is a beautiful place.


5 Reasons that Copenhagen Downtown is the Best Hostel in Denmark


Live Music and DJS – Get your party on with us!


If you love to party then you´ll love staying with us! We are one of the places in Copenhagen that has their party going on!!! If you´re here to sleep only, then bring some ear plugs- we´re sorry but the party often goes on until 4am. You know what they say – if you can´t beat them – join them!! 

Get yourself to our international bar to see live performances, whether it´s singer - songwriter acoustic guitar in our upstairs bar, or punk rock in our basement live music venue; Copenhagen Downunder.  We also have great DJs at the weekends and throw monthly parties that are out of this world!! Our full moon parties are becoming legendary and we also have international parties, Erasmus student parties and fringe festival parties for Gay Pride, Frost Festival, Copenhagen Jazz Festival and more!

Have a great stay with us!! 

If you're visiting us then book your bed at Copenhagen Downtown Hostel for the best stay in town.

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Copenhagen Downtown is a proud member of Famous Hostels - stay with us for a Genuine Backpacker experience. 

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5 Reasons that Copenhagen Downtown is the Best Hostel in Denmark