Press Release on Famous Hostels AGM in Copenhagen

Press Release on Famous Hostels AGM in Copenhagen

10 Oct 2018 Copenhagen News Event

Press Release as Europe's Famous Hostels AGM is hosted in Copenhagen

Copenhagen Downtown Hostel, one of the most popular hostels in Copenhagen and situated right in a heart of the city, has announced they are hosting the Annual General Meeting (AGM) this October for the European wide association; Europe's Famous Hostels.

Press Release on Famous Hostels AGM in Copenhagen

 Copenhagen Downtown Hostel is the only member of the Europe’s Famous Hostels association for all of Denmark and also multi-award winning, having been voted as the most popular hostel in Copenhagen for the third year running by HostelWorld guests. Europe's Famous Hostels is an association of 50 independently run hostels in Europe with recognizable high standards and promising a unique experience to every single guest. All hostels in the association offer the same high level of quality, great value budget accommodation and a unique experience.

Copenhagen Downtown has been a proud member of Famous Hostels for over a decade, and it's a real honor to host an Annual General Meeting for all hostels owners and managers in such a credible association.

The Food, Beverages, and Events Manager of Copenhagen Downtown Hostel, Isabella Carlsen, was quoted as saying on the AGM of Europe Famous Hostels: 

We, at Copenhagen Downtown Hostel, are extremely excited to host this year's Europe's Famous Hostels AGM, in our fantastic capital of Denmark. With the arrival of hostel owners and managers from all over the best hostels in Europe, we have prepared a full program to display some of our city's best attractions as well as introducing everyone to the Danish culture and its infamous people.

Europe's Famous Hostels representatives are often guests in Copenhagen, but this is a first official meeting of the association held in Copenhagen.

For us, this honor and opportunity means that we are able to not only share knowledge and expertise, but hopefully inspire - and get inspired, by what other hostels are doing for their destinations, guests and brand, and how we can all move forward and continue to push our successes into the future, in what we believe is the best accommodation sector in the travel industry.

Rui Magro Correia, General Manager of Europe's Famous Hostels said;

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the most important event of the year for Europe's Famous Hostels, where we gather hostel members, board executive, and management. Together we analyze the past year and define the strategy for the years ahead, always based on the travel market numbers and trends. Last year's AGM was in Milan so it's always interesting to organize the meeting in different locations. This year we are really glad that this meeting is going to be held in such a lovely city as Copenhagen. Also because we see Copenhagen Downtown Hostel as a very important and valuable member of the association, being really involved and bring the Nordic culture dynamic to the association.

We believe this meeting and its outcome will bring even more tourists in Copenhagen, and also give a chance for all partners to see the full potential and beautiful sights that Copenhagen has to offer.

For more information please contact us at Copenhagen Downtown Hostel or Europe’s Famous Hostels.

Press Release on Famous Hostels AGM in Copenhagen