Meet our super staff it’s Monika

Meet our super staff it’s Monika

21 Jun 2017 Guides

Meet our super staff - it’s Monika

After traveling Asia then living in Wales by the sea and mountains, Monika decided to come and live in Denmark and eventually to Copenhagen to work in our awesome Copenhagen Downtown Hostel! Here’s what she had to say to us about Copenhagen, travel and being a backpacker.

Meet our super staff - it’s Monika

When did you come to Denmark?

I’ve been here in Denmark a year and a half, I was studying here on a different island in Denmark, then I visited and decided I really liked it, so I came to stay here in Copenhagen about a year ago. 

What’s the best thing about working here at Copenhagen Downtown?

It sounds really cliche but it’s the people - not just the people you work with, but everyone here. Not just the staff but the customers too.  When I come in here to the hostel it always lifts me up - everyone who works here has something special about them, something different and unique, and I love that. 


 Meet our super staff - it’s Monika

What bars do you like to go to in Copenhagen?

I like Mikkellers - I’m a beer fan. There are a few of the breweries now but the one near here is the best. Also Musikmags in Norrerbro. It looks like nothing from the outside but it’s really good - not far from Mikkellers. It’s a chilled our cafe where you can buy vinyl records also and it has a really cool atmosphere. 

What you recommend seeing to your visitors?

I think it depends how much time you have - if you’re only here 2 days then go see the typical things, like the Little Mermaid - go and say ‘hi’! I would just walk around and see things - if you’re into bikes try that. If you have more time then go and see things out of town - I love the art gallery Louisiana so I would recommend that. The views from the viewing towers around Copenhagen are really cool. I definitely recommend you go up a few and have a look. 

Meet our super staff - it’s Monika

What drink do you get in Happy Hour here at Downtown?

I’m a beer person, so for me the Tuborg is the best drink in Happy Hour.

What do you think of the Copenhagen Downtown style?

Downtown is designed retro-Scandinavian style, so it’s unique as it’s old fashioned but modern. There are a lot of design spaces in Copenhagen to be honest, lots of bars and cafes, but this place for me, is really original. 

Meet our super staff - it’s Monika

What do you recommend in Denmark?

I’ve travelled a lot in Denmark so I feel like I know the country well. I love the Manod Island - you have to take a ferry and go across, and you can see the seals there! Actually in Denmark it was the first time for me to see so many seals there - around 200 of them - so you can watch them. They make a really funny noise and there’s nothing there apart from nature - it’s just beautiful to see. It’s really different to go and explore - this island is my favourite place.

Meet our super staff - it’s Monika

Are you a backpacker at heart?

Yes - before I came to Denmark I traveled around Asia. I always travel when I can - everything I save I spend on travel! I’m definitely a backpacker at heart! 

Where would you most like to travel to?

As a treat when I finish studying my Masters I’m going to take some holiday and go to visit some caves in Vietnam that I’ve been reading about with some friends. 

Thanks for your interview Monika! Good luck with your studies too and thanks for being part of our super staff at Copenhagen Downtown Hostel!

Meet our super staff - it’s Monika