Meet our Open Mic Master introducing Morten

Meet our Open Mic Master introducing Morten

29 Jun 2018 Copenhagen Event

Meet our Open Mic Master introducing Morten

Meet Morten, our resident live performing musical genius! If you've stayed at Copenhagen Downtown and seen the live music Open Mic on Tuesdays and Thursdays then you are guaranteed to have sung along to this guy's awesome live music set!

Introducing Morten, our Live Music Genius at Copenhagen Downtown Hostel

Morten has been with us since the start of Copenhagen Downtown, and apart from the Big Boss is the longest staff member of the team! He's had a little break to live in Barcelona and travel the Caribbean, but he always comes back to spoil us with his musical talents. Catch him live at Copenhagen Downtown Hostel every Tuesday and Thursday for the Open Mic Nights as he gets the crowd going with his guitar and amazing voice - you will be dancing in no time!!

Meet our Open Mic Master introducing Morten

So Morten, tell us about yourself...

"I'm a Copenhagen local and I've been a part of the hostel for a long time now - since the beginning basically. I studied Music at Copenhagen University and I'm doing further studies at the moment to be a vocal coach which I'm really enjoying. I mostly play guitar and sing at the hostel but I'm also in another band where I play drums. But that's another story!

Most Importantly - What's your Favourite Drink at the Bar?

"It would have to be a tequila. I'm not fussy about which one, but you can't go wrong with a tequila and a live music show."

Meet our Open Mic Master introducing Morten

What Made you Want to Be Part of Open Mic Night at Copenhagen Downtown Hostel? 

"My first passion in music is singing and I've been professionally trained to perform. The most fun thing is that I have a huge repetoire of songs I can perform, over 700!! That's a lot of lyrics to learn. So I love that Open Mic night often means that anything goes and I never know what will be requested. I love to play a lot of Latin music because it's energetic and fun and always gets the crowd going. It's lively and always gets people in the mood to join in, plus I'm a fan myself. Quite often we end up with people dancing on the tables - and certainly dancing around the bar!"

Where Can We Catch You Playing?

"I play Open Mic every Tuesday and Thursday at Copenhagen Downtown and have done plenty of gigs, parties and events here over the years in the bar and also the Copenhagen Downunder bar - the event venue under the hostel that is used for huge parties. It's a great place to play because I love the energy and mix in the audience. You never know what you're going to get or who will be there, but it's always a good time guaranteed."

Why is Open Mic at Copenhagen Downtown so Special?

"The nights we have are unique because there is such a cool international crowd. We always have lots of locals because the bar has a great vibe and throws a good party - they love it because I play some Danish songs too and of course there is a great Happy Hour and chance to meet lots of people from around the world. The fact that it's such an international crowd means that there are always interesting people to talk to or dance with and an ecclectic mix of music requests. We often get lots of Latino requests for music as well as some of the classic rock and pop selection."

Do You Have a Signature Tune?

"Well I play a really diverse range of music and love to sing different genres but I do enjoy the energy and rhythm of Latin music. For example Manu Chao is always lively and fun and everyone likes to sing a long and dance. I like music that is inclusive to get a better engagement between me as an artist and the audience - we have a really good time together. For a signature tune I normally end the night with a bit of a singalong with the Grease soundtrack classics - "You're the one that I Want" is always a crowd pleaser! Everyone knows that song and gets into it."

Meet our Open Mic Master introducing Morten

What One Thing Would you Recommend seeing in Copenhagen?

"Well if it's your thing or not I still think Christiania is really interesting and a great place to take a wonder around and explore. In summer it's particularly fun as there are festivals and live music events sometimes. I also would recommend the walk through the park to the Little Mermaid statue. The statue itself might not be the most impressive thing in Copenhagen but the walk there is really beautiful through the park on the waterfront with great views and lots of locals enjoy it too."

What's Next for You?

"More live music and more Open Mic nights! You can follow what's going on with Copenhagen Downtown Hostel Events on their website or the Facebook pages to see any extra parties and events. I am still studying to improve even further my musical abilities and hope to teach. With a love of travel the Hostel is a great environment for me to be in - the international aspect is super fun and although I'm at home in Copenhagen it's fun to be part of the backpacker crowd."

Thanks for the interview Morten!

To see a sample of Morten's talent then check out this video here

Find out more about Morten and where to catch him on his Facebook page here 

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Meet our Open Mic Master introducing Morten