Kulturnatten 2018 Arrives in Copenhagen

Kulturnatten 2018 Arrives in Copenhagen

08 Oct 2018 Copenhagen Event Art

Kulturnatten (Culture Night) 2018 Arrives in Copenhagen

Kulturnatten is a celebration of the city's culture and is one of the most popular in the Copenhagen. It's been taking place for over 25 years and is a night of cultural events for people to attend, in over 250 museums, parks, public places, theaters, libraries and more. There are in total over 700 events, so get yourself ready for a big night in Copenhagen!

The idea is to represent the city's culture in many ways and in many places - and to inspire people. There are events that are open to everyone, and even some in the Zoo! To attend the events you need to get a Culture Pass, which you can find here

Photos courtesy of Kulturnatten Press

Kulturnatten 2018 Arrives in Copenhagen

What is Kulturnatten About?

More than 80,000 people attended Kulturnatten in 2017, and this year could be even bigger. Aimed to be family friendly with plenty of interesting shows for kids, the organisers say...

'The culture night creates the city's biggest annual event, which opens the city on one evening and ties it together in an intense experience of extraordinary cultural events.'

Among these experiences are events in churches, museums, parks, the planetarium - everywhere you can think of! The events are also all curated individually and open to everyone, but you must buy the culture pass - see here

Kulturnatten 2018 Arrives in Copenhagen

Programme of Events Taking Place

There are all sorts of cultural things on the programme from lectures to music and theatre, mostly open until midnight, so you can enjoy several cultural events if you have your Culture Pass.

Highlights for us include:

The Amalienborg - Collection of Kings where you can see 200 years of Royal history.

Visit the Royal Theater and The Opera House - you can explore inside and check out the Store Scene and different music events on each floor of The Playhouse.

DR City radio has an open house with activities for everyone - check out the costumes, scenes and props - and the radio studio! 

The Brorsons Church & Obscura Vertigo has a 5 hour meditation of lights, electronic music and ambience - check out the different artists through this performance from 6pm-1am.

There's Swingdance at the Happy Feet Studio in nordvest until 1am, DJs at Absalon Hotel in Vesterbro and a Gospel Concert at Eliaskirken and theater from the theatre school at Teaterbutikken.

Kulturnatten 2018 Arrives in Copenhagen

Don't miss the Carlsberg Experience! Carlberg Byrn will have a night of culture and Visit Carlberg will be open until midnight also. 

Tucho Brahe Planetarium will also be one to check out as it's open until midnight with a variety of things to see. 

Frederiksberg neighbourhood has live theater and music with concerts at the Musikmuseet and the most exiting - Copenhagen Zoo has events and is open until midnight! 

Check out Jazz & Bikes with Wecycle Copenhagen or concerts at the Music Academy of Amager on Islands Brygge - there is even live jazz in the library. Check out the talk from artists Mikael B or events with sexology studies V Yazmi Fox. See live music from local musicians invited to All Saints Church, Islands Brygge.

Kulturnatten 2018 Arrives in Copenhagen

Nordhavn is hosting some interesting events in the Buddhist Center and at the Arabic Emirate (UAE) embassy or check out the Brumbleby Museum. If you want something family friendly there are events at the Institute of Maths and Data Institute for kids to explore. There are also music concerts in Sankt Jakobs Kirke.

So with so many events on - you need to get your pass and get ready! Enjoy Kulturnatten!

Kulturnatten 2018 Arrives in Copenhagen

 Photography Credits

Astrid Maria B. Rasmussen / Sattrup & Autumn 
Andreas Raun Arneberg / Sattrup & Autumn 
Abdellah Ihadian / Sattrup & Autumn 
Christian Wienberg / Sattrup & Autumn 
Julie Vester Jørgensen / Sattrup & Autumn 
Maria Sattrup / Sattrup & Autumn

We hope you enjoyed our tips for Kulturnatten 2018 Arrives in Copenhagen - see you at Copenhagen Downtown Hostel soon!