Great Travel apps for Copenhagen

Great Travel apps for Copenhagen

07 Sep 2017 Copenhagen Food Guides

Great travel apps for Copenhagen that we love!

Got your tripadvisor favorites saved? Made your list on Spotify? Then here’s what’s next. 

Prepare for your trip the best way - know where to go! Of course we have great tips for what to do and where to see when you come to visit our city - but there are a few things that might come in handy if you’re planning a trip here. You can get the most out of your time, and make life easy! Find out or tips for the best apps for Copenhagen - these are the ones we love!

Start with the Copenhagen Offline Map and City Guide! This is obviously the best way to use your maps offline when you’re out of data - start… here!

Great Travel apps for Copenhagen

Everything you need to know - Copenhagen City Travel Guide - Guidepal

Copenhagen City Travel Guide has all the info you could wish for and more - the Copenhagen Card (for discounts and free entries), bars, sights, restaurants, all kinds of useful information. Get this first! There’s also a calendar that tells you what’s on where - very useful! 

Find out what’s cool before you go with Wallpaper* City Guide

The coolest of guides, Wallpaper City Guide tells you the hottest spots in town, from designer shops to the best restaurants on a budget. Check out what’s on, what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s free. All in one handy app. Very cool!


Great Travel apps for Copenhagen

Love Beer? Then Check out Beer Guide Copenhagen

Every beer lover coming to Copenhagen should get this - without a doubt. Beer Guide Copenhagen is great for handpicked places - recommended by locals - so you can search by area, favourites, points of interests and find out all about the best boozers in town! 

Start with knowing how to get around - Rejseplanen

This travel planning app is essential for tourists and locals alike - everything you could possibly want to know about public transport is on this one - Rejseplanen. And it’s really easy to use! We think the best way to explore the city is by foot or by bike - but to get to attractions that little bit further away, or if you’re out and about at night, then this is the best way to see yourself home. 

Great Travel apps for Copenhagen

Duo lingo - learn Danish

Now you can also learn Danish on this great app - for free! Join over 2 million people trying to get the local language under wraps, from 5 minutes or 20 minutes a day. It’s free, and you can choose how to set your goals so you’ll be speaking the local lingo in no time at all! Get your Danish on! 

Copenhagen Gay Guide

The guide for where to go party if you want to explore the best spots! This app lists a whole host of bars and clubs along with other attractions. Check it out! 

Love Bikes? Try I Bike CPH

Want to know the short cuts for getting around the city? Or the most popular routes? You could try get by with Google Maps but I Bike CPH is the most supreme app for bike lovers in Copenhagen! It has local knowledge and also tells you where all the quick alleys are to bypass traffic and sneak through the cobblestone streets! We recommend this app if you’re staying for a while.

Great Travel apps for Copenhagen

Pack Point - how to get your packing right!

If you’re a little big disorganised with your packing (like us..) then this is a great way to get all your holiday packing needs under control. You don’t have to do the thinking - Pack Point bases the list on the length of your trip, the weather at your destination (bring a coat if you’re coming to see us!!) and thinks about activities planned during your trip. You’ll never get to your destination without your toothbrush again!

Happy Cow - For Vegans everywhere!

If you’re Vegan then finding places that serve vegan friendly food in a foreign city can be a little tricky - not any more!! The Happy Cow app will find you the closest vegan and vegetarian restaurants in your area. It also shows you stars and reviews - very useful! 


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