Frost Festival 2018 in Copenhagen

Frost Festival 2018 in Copenhagen

01 Feb 2018 Guides Event Art

Frost Festival 2018 in Copenhagen: Interactive Music and Arts

The best way to see music and light interact

Frost Festival is an annual Music festival that brings some illumination to this cold and dreary month in Copenhagen! Make the most of the dark evenings with a whole bunch of events that celebrate music and light and combine both in interactive art installations. Get rid of your winter blues with some cool music and awesome art! The festival runs most of the month and combines events that are free and ticketed all over town - some in unexpected places. Check out the images for this year’s with #frost 18

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Main header image “Photo: Frost Festival / Malthe Ivarsson”

Frost Festival 2018 in Copenhagen

About the Festival

Frost began in 2011 and has been pushing boundaries ever since with installation art making spectacles using sound, space and light. The installations take place in all kinds of places including museums, historical sights, big concert halls and - for those who like something a little unusual - the botanical garden’s palm house, a deserted aquarium and in at the bottom of a swimming pool. The music varies in genres and there are a host of contemporary artists taking place.  Last year’s headliner was the popular Vertigo Obscura ‘Wave’ which is appearing again this year! And a whole heap of other cool interactive installations to see. 

Frost Festival 2018 in Copenhagen


What the organisers say about Frost:

"Frost makes every music lovers dream come true. Every year Frost Festival shines a light in the dark month of February and presents a series if curated music events and light installations at handpicked locations in the Copenhagen area.” 


The festival organisers put a lot of effort into matching venues with installations so the performance artists can maximise space and experience for the audience. There is a focus on light being a way to communicate between music and space - one that is enhanced by the dark winters and the Scandinavian scenery. This is special festival for creating synergies with music, light and our environment. Don’t miss out! It’s also a great lure to go out into the cold and explore some cool stuff taking place around town. 


Frost Festival 2018 in Copenhagen 

What's on and what not to miss!

The Wave at Ofelia Square 4-25th February

40 four-meter high triangular gates creating an 80m long tunnel for of sensors and sounds - we love the music and interaction that you can have running around this cool tunnel of light. And it’s free to see! No tickets required 


Frost Festival in Copenhagen 2018

Stargazer Light Show

As the names suggests - it’s a place to watch some stars and do some gazing! They describe it as “The light shadow 'Skygazer' examines how our relationship to light and dark changes when we fill the darkness of the night with artificial light.” This exhibition is included with the usual entrance fee to the Rundetaarn and is daily from 10-6pm. 


Frost Festival 2018 in Copenhagen

Lysterapibar - a light therapy social club under ‘Klub’

This is a place to get over winter with some light therapy and local activities. There is music to fit the moods of the day and different immersive activities. Find out more here

There are so many music an light events that you can find out from the website - many are free and all of them celebrate light in winter. Some concerts are small so try to get tickets in advance. 

Find out more about the Festival events and what's on here

Frost Festival 2018 in Copenhagen

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