Enjoy Copenhagen in the Spring

Enjoy Copenhagen in the Spring

20 Apr 2018 Copenhagen Guides

Enjoy Copenhagen in the Sunshine with our guide to Copenhagen outdoors! 

Us Danes love the sunshine and now spring is here we take every opportunity to enjoy it, so get outside - whether it's a boat along the canal, a bar with a terrace, a rooftop beer garden, a park, or a bike along the waterfront. There's even a beach! It's time to enjoy Copenhagen in the sunshine!!

Enjoy Copenhagen in the Spring

Get outside in Copenhagen!

First up Copenhagen is a GREAT city to walk around an explore. Did you know that it was originally a Viking fishing town - the name Copenhagen means 'Merchant's harbour' - which is why there are so many lovely walks along the sea and canals now. Take a stroll along the waterfront and across the bridges along øster Søgade and Nørre Søgade like the locals (we like to skate across it when the water is frozen in winter!) - it's not just a great spot for jogging and biking, there are also swan boats you can hire and paddle about!! 

There are also a few great local spots to enjoy the sun such as the parks and Botanical Garden. Check out the King’s Garden where the locals like to gather, or visit the gardens around nearby Rosenborg Castle. 

Enjoy Copenhagen in the Spring

Enjoy the Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is 10 hecaters of greenery with over 13,000 species of plant in the center of the city, and it's FREE! This oasis of calm and tranquility is also a great picnic spot or a place to rest up after a day of sight seeing. The historical greenhouse here dates back over 100 years and the old Palm House is great to take some stylish snaps. Not only does it have one of the largest collections of species of plants on record (it is part of the University of Copenhagen), it has two cute cafes where you can get a coffee and enjoy. From here it's just a few steps to the SMK - The Statens Museum for Kunst which has an amazing collection of art. Perfect!

Enjoy Copenhagen in the Spring

Shop along Strøget

Strøget is the place for shopping lovers, and even if you're not looking to find the latest fashion or a bargain, then it's a great street to explore. It's one of the longest pedestrianised street in Europe, so it's worth a walk! You can also see some historic sights along the way, including the lovely City Hall Square to Kongens Nytorv Square with a view of the waterfront and a host of Copenhagen hot spots. You can stroll from here to the palaces or Christiania, or the other way to Nørreport and the Botanical Gardens. 

Enjoy Copenhagen in the Spring

Explore Langelinie Park

Langelinie Park is a local treat and a great place to chill out, have a picnic, walk among the flowers and trees, and check out the locals! There are also numerous monuments here and the pier and promenade stretch down to the Little Mermaid staute. It´s a great strolling area and has interesting waterfront views, so enjoy this idyllic walkway!

Gothersgade (a great street for bars!)

If you want to try a few different bars and get out and about then Gothersgade is a good option for those on a budget. These bars are lively and not badly priced, aiming at young people and a young at heart vibe. Start out at Andy’s bar or Kostbar and take it from there! 

Enjoy Copenhagen in the Spring

Frederiksberg Gardens

These gardens honouring former King Frederk VI are the biggest greenspace Copenhagen has to offer and have a selection of water features and bridges, the Frederiksberg Palace and the Chines Pavillion dating back to 1799. The top of the hill borders the Zoo and this is popular place to come in both snow and sunshine. Spring sees this place come to life with some inspiring gardens and it's a favourite spot for locals to come for a picnic. Find out about opening hours here

Copenhagen in the spring

Try eating alresco at Westmarket in Vesterbro

This foody lovers market opened last summer and is a hot favourite spot for bakeries, cafes, snacks and fancy dinners. You can sit back and enjoy a beer in the sun and just watch the world go by, or try one of the popular restaurants. They also have live music events and dining experiences, so check out some of the stalls here (you can taste things for free) then pick your favourite spot! Find out more here 

Enjoy Copenhagen in the Spring

Wherever you go in Copenhagen during your visit, enjoy it! We hope you enjoyed our tips for Copenhagen in the sunshine.

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