Copenhagen Sauna Festival 2018

Copenhagen Sauna Festival 2018

27 Feb 2018 Copenhagen Event

Enjoy the Copenhagen Sauna Festival 2018!


Saunaevent 16-17th March, Refshaleøen
4pm to 10pm

It may be freezing cold outside but there’s one place that’s going to be scorching hot! March is the time to hit the Copenhagen Sauna Festival 2017. You can be Scandinavian for a day with us! 

The dress code is optional so you can get naked or go in swimwear and embrace the winter with a sauna! The event is open to everyone so if you’re curious, a sauna lover, young or old - this is the festival for you. There is also hot food and drinks served throughout the day and you can enjoy a beer or music while relaxing in one of the tubs as well. The special music events are at 7pm and the seven it open until 11pm Friday and 10pm Saturday. Tickets are from 225 DKK.

Copenhagen Sauna Festival 2018

The Sauna Festival location

Refshaleøen used to be one of Copenhagen’s best kept secrets, but now the secret is out! Not only is this former industrial area now a trendy hub busting with bars, eateries and the seriously cool, but it is also the best place to say goodbye to your winter blues at the most relaxing event in Copenhagen; Sauna Festival 2018.


This March (17th and 18th) make a date with relaxation, Scandinavian style. This two day festival offers the best of Danish hospitality and culture. You can be an honorary Dane for the weekend and learn about how we like to relax! Find your ticket here

Copenhagen Sauna Festival 2018

 Have a beer and some tunes!


Not just a place to sweat your troubles away - you can enjoy an ice cold beer and some music too. Join in at the Sauna Festival and chill out with a view over the harbour with a cold beer, watch the starry night from a hot tub, kick back to electro acoustic music in an intimate setting or completely unwind in the saunagus- a superheated sauna with specially selected aromatic oils, picked by the “gus” that are designed to create a sensation of total wellbeing.


Whether you’re a sauna first timer, interested in sampling the large communal sauna bath, or are curious to try out the harbour’s new Sauna Dome- join those who know how to unwind Danish style be part of this celebration of relaxation and wellbeing!


Copenhagen Sauna Festival 2018

Get naked and relax!


Well, nudity is optional. For the uninitiated, a sauna is a seriously soothing experience where you strip off your clothes and get some heat on your naked skin. The saunas are made of wood and heated to give you deeper breathing and make you sweat out toxins. They can be enjoyed either sitting or lying on the wood and soaking up the heat from the fragrant wooden benches. Water is thrown on the heat to create steam which  eases your muscles and mind. In Nordic countries saunas are such a favourite tradition and loved by all whether young or old. They are best experienced 


The Danes have a long history of sauna; its beneficial powers are famed for improving your circulation, health, wellbeing and even sleep.

For more information or tickets click here or go visit the Facebook page.

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Copenhagen Sauna Festival 2018