7 Types of People You Will Meet in Every Hostel

7 Types of People You Will Meet in Every Hostel

30 Aug 2018 Travel

7 Types of People You Will Meet in Every Hostel (including ours!)

We love our guests and are avid backpackers ourselves, but we thought we might poke a little fun with some of the stereotypical backpackers we have met along the journey. Any of these sound familiar??

7 Types of People You Will Meet in Every Hostel

1. Budget Traveler

This person is so very strict with their budget they can tell you where to find the cheapest beer in every country in Europe. They are making their trip last by doing everything they can to spend as little as possible. This one is an expert on sniffing out all things free - whether it’s Happy Hour shots or festivals taking place. They know which local shop has the cheapest take out beers, and will never buy you a drink! They have free apps with free deals, know the free days of all museums, and best of all - they live for a free breakfast buffet. What tastes better than free breakfast hey? Fair play - their shoestring budget means they’re going to have a lot more cash, and a much longer trip, than us go-with-the-flow types!!   


7 Types of People You Will Meet in Every Hostel

2. The Instagram Pro

They have spent 90% of their time traveling posing for a picture and flicking through filters. Never without their smartphone, they are normally found checking their likes or taking 100 pictures in front of the same thing to get the perfect shot. They might be really fun, but they're too busy to talk to you so you'll have to follow them on Instagram to find out....

3. The Backpacker Virgin

They are on a gap year. This is their first anywhere - and they are SO excited. They're happy to sit on a 7 hour bus journey, they love a 10 bed dorm room as it's just full of new friends, and everything they see is just the best thing they've ever seen. They also carry A LOT of condoms on them - they're optimists! We love them - their enthusiasm makes them adorable. But we wish they had a few less questions about EVERYTHING....

 7 Types of People You Will Meet in Every Hostel


4. The Professional Travel Blogger

They will introduce themselves as a blogger, or vlogger, but you will never have heard of them and their blog isn't much more exciting than yours. Years of sitting behind a laptop and powering up their many devices to make their social media posts has taught them the dark art of working and travelling simultaneously. But they will also tell you this is really hard work. They've been to more places than you - and worst nightmare is slow wifi. 

5. Been there, Done that 

With an impressive Insta account, this person doesn't believe in nationalities and might introduce themselves as a ‘citizen of the world’. They've been on the road for months (or years) and they don’t really think of themselves as being from any place anymore. Without asking them, they will tell you how many countries they’ve been too (they count them all), and they probably speak some local languages that they picked up along the way. There are bonus points for visiting Antartica. Although we like to poke fun at them knowing all the local customs and having some bamboo tattoos from Thailand, knowing 'thank you' in 30 languages is pretty cool. This person might like to tell you all their adventures, but at least they should have some interesting ones to keep you entertained during Happy Hour. The great thing about them is they've seen it all, have loads of local inside knowledge and are probably quite chilled out when things go wrong. Even if we can't get over their Beer Chang t-shirt...


7 Types of People You Will Meet in Every Hostel

6. The Happy Couple

These guys have traveled around the world together and still seem to like each other. In fact, they met somewhere like Machu Picchu. They're really nice, and you kind of want to be them. They share an Instagram account and every picture is of them looking annoyingly happy. They're probably both really good looking too...

7 Types of People You Will Meet in Every Hostel

7. The Hostel Lifer

This person has spent more time in hostels than in their own bed. Sometimes they're mistaken for staff, and usually they can answer any question you might have on backpacking, the hostel or the local area. They know how to play 'Wonderwall' on their guitar. 

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