We're a proud member of Europe Famous Hostels

You've probably heard that our hostel is a part of the most amazing association in Europe- Europe Famous Hostels.

Europe’s Famous Hostels is an association with a group of 50 independently run hostels from all around Europe who group together to promote each other and create a community in the hostel world. More information on www.famoushostels.com.

The association’s purpose is to offer Hostel-goers a mark of quality, recognisable when searching for and booking accommodation. Each Hostel maintains the association’s standards, forming a brand that is trusted by those who stay with us. Customers know that they will find the same levels of quality throughout the network. Each city has only one Famous Hostel and staying at a Europe’s Famous Hostel guarantees you’ll have a great stay at an unbeatable value.

We found ourselves in that description as we're eager to make the best value and to provide the best stay for our guests.With that said, we're proud to be a part of this kind of association. We're proud of all our associates and we gladly recommend them to all our dear guests.

The same quality, you can expect from all our associates and other members of Europe Famous Hostels and that's the biggest plus in this whole story.

Hope you'll visit us but also our neighbourhood hostels, located in the top location in all worth-to-visit cities.

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Europe's Famous Hostels network map

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