How to get Hygge Like a Dane This Autumn

07 Oct 2021


How to get Hygge Like a Dane This Autumn

Why are the Danes the happiest people in the world? Because they invented the art of getting cosy, or "Hygge", and have made it a way of life! Not just about warm socks and candle-light, this appreciation of friends, food, being snuggly, and enjoying a friendly ambience is all part of the hygge tradition. Now a global sensation with books and Instagram influencers all going crazy for Danish cosy vibes, you can bring some Danish cosiness into your life with our guide to being "Hygge."

What is Hygge all about?

Like lots of Danish words, it's not pronounced how you think... It's actually more of a ‘hue-guh” - and the simplest way to translate it is ‘cosiness, or cosy things.’ Hygge is more of a concept than a word, and it means more celebrating togetherness and getting cosy with friends and loved ones and creating a warm ambience. Candles are always popular for creating a warm glow and getting people together to enjoy each other's company is a key part. And of course, plenty of hot chocolate or warm wine!

According to Meik Wiking, the CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen, (yes there is one!), is "a defining feature of our cultural identity and an integral part of the national DNA." So, there you have it! Not only is it a way of life, but it is also a big part of being a Dane. The long winters have been instrumental in creating a cosy Scandinavian method of making the dark nights a little warmer.

How Hygge Came About

Hygge came about from the long winters in Denmark, where it's cold and dark for several months until we get to enjoy Spring again. The origins of the word are actually from Norwegian, meaning ‘well-being,’ and first appeared in Danish in the early 1800s.

In Northern Europe getting cosy and keeping warm in winter means gathering friend and family for some quality time indoors together. Sunny days we can enjoy sitting on a cafe terrace or walking in the parks and woods, but for the most part we like to snuggle inside after dark and create a nice ambience. This doesn't have to be at home, there are plenty of cosy cafes, bars and restaurants that create this same atmosphere and can be enjoyed with friends. Expect to see lots of candle-light to create an atmosphere that is snuggly, and hot drinks - warm apple cider, wine, coffee and hot chocolate are all good for this! We also like to enjoy good food together, with home cooking or delicious pastries. It sounds simple, to enjoy being present in a warm atmosphere with friends or family, but it is important to make time for it and slow down in a modern world. Getting cosy and appreciating being together with good people, food, and atmosphere is one way that we get hygge.

Bring some Cosiness in your life with some Danish Hygge!

Getting hygge is not just for Christmas! Although it is particularly important to us on cold winter nights, it is something that embrace all year round. The phenomena is also a way of making friendships and taking time out with loved ones that is embraced as a way of life. This also means summer days and evening strolls, it's all about being together and enjoying life! The key to Danish happiness!

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