Copenhagen Light Festival 2020

04 Feb 2020


Copenhagen Light Festival 2020 Comes to Town
1st- 23rd February

CPH Light Festival is on a mission to illuminate the city in a different way, and make it appealing to everyone through sustainable art. The idea is the light art is expressive and can show the cityscape in a different way, exposing different elements and using colour to experiment visually, and sometimes with sound experiences also. With various artists, designers and organisations taking part, this non-profit project takes place in the city centre and is mostly free to attend.

Let there be light! This year's illuminating festival comes with an exciting collaboration with Tivoli amusement park and locations around the city. Opening with a green laser that will stay lit for the entire festival, there are light installations by local and international artists around the city to illuminate it through the dark winter days until 23rd February.

For 23 days the city will be illuminated by artists promoting the latest light and technology art shows, with light-parties, events and talks. There is also a special 'Winter in Tivoli' exhibition outside which takes places over the winter break.

There are different artists taking part in creating the installations which are stationed around the city, from well-known landmarks to pop-up installations and events. The laser will stay in place throughout the festival, with other artists showing the latest technology across various buildings, bridges and squares that are located in the centre of Copenhagen. Installations can be seen from Slusen to Reffen and Østerbro to Amager.

Different Types of Light Installations

There are various types of art work on display throughout the festival, including the staging of light elements on urban spaces, historic buildings and bridges around the harbour. Expect dynamic light experiences such as film, pixel mapping and moving heads. Also there are installations that you can take part in, such as dark walks, city cycling and night-running. We love the interactive light experiences, where you can take part and contribute yourself by getting involved. The Solaris installation also featured last year, the above pyramid of light, along with several of the building facades that are lit in the town hall square.

Creative Influence

Nordic winters and a lack of light mean that the light itself is a key feature on these dark winter evenings. The shortness of the days means the festival can take over in the late afternoon as the sun goes. The low angles and intense winter darkness mean that there is a tradition in Nordic countries with lighting design and art that already exists, with respect and balance for winter and darkness. This allows our artists to better understand and take advantage of expressive lighting installations and an interaction with human needs or aesthetics, sustainability and function. We hope you enjoy the minimalist beauty that these light platforms create and provide.

Lighting Exhibition at Tivoli

Tivoli is the famous Copenhagen amusement park which is in the city centre, providing a place for fairground rides, food and park
space. At the moment Tivoli has the Winter Festival in full swing, with fake snow, snowmen, ice skating, a giant igloo full of slides and free fun, and of course a selection of light installations. From here you can see the green laser that is cutting across the sky throughout the festival, and if you go on one of the taller rides, you can see the light installations all over the city from the bird's eye view!

Find out more about the festival here

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