Celebrate Midsummer with our Sankt Hans Tradition

20 Jun 2022


Celebrate the Sankt Hans Tradition with our awesome Party at Copenhagen Downtown!

Sankt Hans Aften is a big celebration in Denmark that traditionally takes place to mark Midsummer Eve, and is the night of the 23rd June. Join in the traditional celebrations with us as we mark the shortest night of the year, and the longest day, with our Sankt Hans party at Copenhagen Downtown.

Copenhagen Downtown Burn the Witch Party

Celebrate Sankt Hans Aften with us as we burn the witch! Not a real one this year, but we do have a Piñata to smash, epic drink prices, amazing prizes to be won, an awesome DJ, and Drinks for 50 DKK, come along and enjoy the fun and games in our international bar, and our party in Copenhagen Downunder - our very own venue beneath the hostel.

Cocktails: Witches Brew - Celebrate Midsummer's Eve

Kill the Witch - Knock down the pinata, blindfolded, and enjoy a secret prize!!

Live music until late! There is always a party going on - especially when there is something great to celebrate!

The Tradition in Denmark

Beware of witches on the shortest night, they have extra powers on these occasions!

The longest day and shortest night is always something to celebrate, with Midsummer's Eve a celebrated festival throughout Europe, with many cultures celebrating the Pagan tradition with bonfires, and the Catholic celebration of St John's Eve (his birthday being 24th June) being marked as the day to celebrate. The traditional Catholic Feast day is 24th June, so the Eve on 23rd June is when the parties take place as it is the shortest night of the year.

In Denmark it is Sankt Hans Aften (St John's Eve) and since the time of the Vikings it has been a huge celebration to mark midsummer and bring people together. Traditionally the bonfire takes place on the beach, and everyone can join in, or in Copenhagen it takes place in the harbour. The Danish love to enjoy a burning the witch bonfire, and you will love our Sankt Hans Aften party!!

Celebrating the Danish way, Burning the Witch for Sankt Hans Aften

The Danish tradition takes after the Pagan ones, where bonfires and witches play an important role, as does bringing people together round the fire. So grab some friends and celebrate like a Dane! We need a sunset, a bonfire, and a witch on top.

Midsummer is a time when witches have extra powers, so there is a history of Pagan festivities where witches are frightened away and bonfires are lit in the short night as people ward off evil with fire. There used to be a tradition of gathering magic herbs and getting a bit high but now people mostly have a modern feast - some food and drink to celebrate together and burn a witch on the top of the bonfire, just like the Medieval tradition of real witch burning.
There is usually some celebratory food like a BBQ with some sausages and all washed down with some local spirits like a shot of schnapps. There is often a speech before lighting the fire and also a traditional Midsummer hymn which is called Vi Elsker Vort Land (We Love Our Country) and we sing during the bonfire!

Bonfires on the beach

This year there has been such a heatwave that many of the bonfires are likely to be cancelled around the country as they risk starting wild fires or being blown by the wind and spreading. The ban currently means the Prime Minister's official bonfire in Marienborg has been cancelled too! In Copenhagen the bonfires normally take place on the waterfront. To find out about the local celebrations check the newspapers for the latest update.

Copenhagen Downtown Hostel Celebrates Sankt Hans Aften

This Saturday 23rd June celebrate Sankt Hans Aften with us at our party in Copenhagen Downunder - our very own venue beneath the hostel. The party kicks off at 9pm and goes until 5am!!

As one of the most important Nordic festivals of the year we're throwing a big party to celebrate Midsummer, with great offers on drinks, our International crowd and great music. We even have great bar offers if you're bringing a friend!

Party with us at Copenhagen Downtown Hostel

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