Upcoming Events & Parties in Copenhagen

Latest Events and Parties

We love music and parties. At our Copenhagen Downtown Bar you can enjoy live music two nights a week and party nights every Saturday. We also have a Happy Hour every night from 8pm – 9pm. Come join us for some draft beer and cider that won’t break your travel budget!

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Rust Nightclub

Daily Events

  • Breakfast
    7am — 11am

  • Gran Tour of Copenhagen
    10:45am — 1:45pm

  • Christianshavn Tour
    3:45pm — 6:45pm

  • Reception Open 24/7

  • Hire Bike 12/24H

  • Happy Hour
    8pm — 9pm

Weekly Events

  • Pie Eating Contest
    9:30pm — 10:30pm

  • Live MUsic
    7:30pm — 10pm

  • Beer Pong
    9pm — 11pm

  • Live Music
    7:30pm — 10pm

  • Cocktail night & DJ
    8pm — 11:59pm

  • Famous Hostel DJ
    10pm — 2am

  • Beer Pong
    9pm — 11pm

Monthly Events

  • Christmas Party
    24th Dec 2018 6:00pm - 25th Dec 2018 5:00am

  • New Year's Eve Party
    31st Dec 2018 6:00pm - 1st Jan 2019 5:00am