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We love music and parties. At our Copenhagen Downtown Bar you can enjoy live music two nights a week and party nights every Saturday. We also have a Happy Hour every night from 8pm – 9pm. Come join us for some draft beer and cider that won’t break your travel budget!

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  • 23 Sep

    Resident Dj
    23rd Sep 2017

  • Sunday 24th

  • 24 Sep

    Beer pong contest
    24th Sep 2017

  • Monday 25th

  • 25 Sep

    Ladies night
    25th Sep 2017

  • Tuesday 26th

  • 26 Sep

    Live music & Promos
    26th Sep 2017

  • Wednesday 27th

  • 27 Sep

    Beer pong contest
    27th Sep 2017

  • Thursday 28th

  • 28 Sep

    Live music & Promos
    28th Sep 2017

  • Friday 29th

  • 29 Sep

    29th Sep 2017

  • Saturday 30th

  • 30 Sep

    30th Sep 2017

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